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Maybe she has married and changed her name. Searching for a marriage or divorce record can reveal the current name and location.
Locate your daughter or sister. If you remember her birthdate! Well, just submit her first name and date of birth and find her now!

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Find People Records: Background Checks, Criminal, Addresses, Birth dates, Property records,  Phone, Email addresses, Birth date, skip tracing, Job Work Employment records, SSN verification, Schools education...more

Investigate Anyone Search & Find people's addresses, birthdates, relatives, roommates!

Maybe she has married and changed her name. Searching for a marriage or divorce record can reveal the current name and location.
Find a sweetheart. You can find her even though you don't know her new last name. Just search using a first and her date of birth!

Perhaps you are organizing your class reunion, or maybe a reunion of your old work friends. Many people can be located in public phone directories so give that a try first. But when it gets difficult, let us help you! Find a phone number. Search for a telephone record
Locate old co-workers or verify their identity. You can search to find possible employers and business associates. With just a last name and the city that person lived in, you can search and find people.

Are you separated from your mate? Want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or maybe contact someone who is divorced. Before you give up hope, allow us the opportunity to search...we may find them...otherwise no charge!
Find that special someone in your life. Maybe someone you knew in school, a child hood love. Just enter what you remember into the search form and start finding that person now!

When was the last time you visited or spoke with your grandmother? Do you know where she  is? Cantact her now while there is time.
Find your mother. Certainly you remember her birthdate! Well, just submit her first name and date of birth and find her now!

Salestron Search Service can locate, trace, and find people. Record databases such as driver license records, warranty records, voter records, phone directories, deceased records.  We can present you with name, address, zip, phone numbers,email addresses, marriage licenses, divorce records, property records,and social security numbers (for deceased persons)
Find your father with a simple search using a first or last name. Know the birthdate? Well, just submit her first name and date of birth and find him now!

Find A Person Report

Find anyone. Get their age, address, telephones, relatives, roommates, occupants

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  • First Name - legal or alias name or leave blank.

  • Middle Initial - Important if person has a popular last name or leave blank.

  • Last name - Enter last name. But we can search if you don't know the last name but have a first name and date of birth.

  • Address - Enter the last known Street Address, city, state, zip code or leave any field blank. 

  • Born - Enter partial or full date of birth or leave blank. 

  • Age Range - enter approximate low and high age in years or leave blank

  • SSN - Optional- Enter SSN (Social Security Number) or leave blank.

  • Phone - enter 10 digit phone or leave blank

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Do you need to find someone? Do you need to know more about an employee or employer? Are you trying to collect or pay money to someone you have not been able to find? Are you the victim of fraud? Do you want to know who might be using your identity? Ever felt worried about someone? Not quite sure about who you were dealing with? Want to protect yourself and your children from a sexual predator? Suspicious that something might be wrong? Maybe you just want to know what others the data accurate? Do you have unclaimed property? And lastly, can you afford an attorney or private investigator? No?, then... Protect yourself !

Do you really know who your partner, date, or friend really is? Has your spouse abandoned you? Denied you alimony or child support? Claims he has no assets? Has your roommate skipped out and taken your possessions? Are you a women who has met a man on a date, confided too much, lent him money., then discovered he lied about everything and now realize all you have is the person's vehicle plate number or just a name? Are you considering marriage? Do you need to know the person's assets? Are you planning to do business with a person, buy their house, car or sign an agreement? Do need to screen a tenant? 


1.If you are a landlord, get a copy of the driver's license and vehicle plate number if possible. Request the previous residences. Request at least 2 contacts. 

2.Try to get the person's name as shown on the driver license because people can lie about their names. Don't be bashful, ask. But even if you can't get the full legal name, we may still be able to locate the person based on the given name and other information you may have (e.g. recent or previous address, birthdate, car plate number, phone number, etc)

3.Get the person's phone number. Our phone search may reveal the true identity. Having caller ID is very useful to capture the caller's number to allow revealing identity and information

4.If you are about to date someone, besides having the name and phone number, you might want to know the person's vehicle plate number to allow us to find the owner names (that could be different)

5.If you are about to date someone, try to get the date of birth. To be subtle, start by asking their astrological sign (e.g. Aries, Libra) then get more specific. Having a name and date of birth helps identify the right sex offender records. Can't get a birthdate? We usually can locate this as part of our searches.

6.Ask the person about their previous residences. Our searches provide an address history that you can use to determine their honesty and to continue the investigation 

Informational reports:

  • Subject profile - Name, aliases, date of birth, age, phone numbers

  • Address Directory - recent address and up to 25 years of address history, other occupants

  • Aircraft - Ownership, aircraft model, manufacturer, serial number, engine type, registration

  • Bankruptcies, Judgments and Liens - names, address, descriptions....

  • Change of address records

  • Criminal Records - names, places, descriptions

  • Corporation records - codes, filings, ownership

  • DEA registration - Subject names, addresses, registration numbers, expiration dates

  • Drivers records

  • Election Campaign contributors - name, address, dates, amounts, recipients...

  • Fictitious Business Names - owners, business names, dates...

  • Government employees - names, addresses, contact information

  • magazine subscriptions

  • Marine Vessels - owners, addresses, vessel names, vessel information....

  • Marriages, Divorces - Names, dates, places

  • Occupants at recent address

  • Property records - Owners, addresses, property description, sales,...

  • Phone Directory - Residential - Names, addresses, listed and unpublished numbers...

  • Phone Directory - Business - Names, addresses, listed and unpublished numbers...

  • Pilots - names, addresses, ratings, license...

  • Professional Licenses - names, addresses, types, class, dates...

  • Relatives - list of possible local relatives

  • Sex offenders - Offender ID, Risk Level, Address, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, Offense Description, Conviction Date, Victim Age, Victim Gender, possible Subjects Picture
    SSN Death Index records - name, address at time of death, dates

  • Social Security validation records - If you provide the SSN, it will help locate individuals, uniquely. We confirm the SSN that you provide us, or that we find, and report the issue place, issue dates, show aliases, address history. The issue date and place often reveals their origins... most people either have their SSN issues at birth and acquire one during their high school years. Immigrants can acquire one at other times. If you do provide us a SSN, it must belong to the person being searched; in other words, we will not report information based solely on a SSN (to prevent identity theft).

  • Unclaimed Property - names, addresses, property description, holder name and address, value....

  • Vehicle Registrations - owners, addresses, vehicle make, model, VIN registration number, plate number...

  • Voter registrations records 

The first step

First, prepare the form above and submit a full name or at least the last name along with an address. If you do not have a current address or any address,  you can leave that blank and allow us to find the most recent address to use as our focus for our Relatives Search. Our Search Analyst Team can then assemble a history of previous addresses. 

The report:

Report are prepared by Search Analysts and will be emailed to your email address during our normal business hours Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM EST. The report provides: 

  • The subject information: Full name, possible aliases

  • Date of birth, month/year or year

  • Phone numbers

  • Recent and previous addresses.

  • Occupants at the recent address: their names, phones, etc. A good way to find spouses, friends, room mates, etc

  • Each possible relative or room mate and age, if available

  • If you provide the social security number SSN, we will validate the SSN and report. Note: we do not provide you the person's SSN:

    • State of Issuance: for example: Florida Date of Issuance: for example 1957 Issuance Status: stating whther the SSN has been issued
    • SSA Death records: Check if the Social Security Administration has a death record for this SSN. If there are death records, the death record will be reported showing actual name, date of death, last residence (city, state if available)


A sample report: For each matching person, the following data could be shown:

SMITHS, JOHN Age 38 DOB: 03/15/1972

Address City State ZIP Phone
FARMSVILLE MI 48300 (555) 555-1212
BARLETTE NC 28219 (917) 555-9999
DETROIT MI 48011 (555) 555-0100
BILLINGS MI 49005 (555) 555-1212

Roommates/Other Occupants


More people data records search:

Spanish translation of Finding people address history, birthdates, relatives, alias

Traducción al español de la historia de la gente encontrar la dirección, fecha de nacimiento, familiares, alias




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